So you want to have some fun and think that a limousine or a party bus could be a really interesting way to spice up the night. But there’s one issue…

You don’t really know where you can go or what you can even do with one. 

So while it sounds fun to rent…

How realistic is it?

If you’re not all too familiar with a limousine or party bus, these are valid concerns. But ones that can easily be solved! Let’s first talk about what you get when you rent a limousine or party bus. It’s not just a ride you’re getting but an experience

Both are larger vehicles meant to fit more people than the standard sedan or SUV. So you can expect to bring more friends than usual in one car. They typically have special features and amenities that you won’t get in just any old car. You can expect water, glasses, loud music systems, LED lights, and wrap-around seating. 

Think of it like a party but on the go. 

If you’re thinking that sounds great but…

Still, where would you go? What places could you possibly take a limousine or party bus?

No worries. Believe it or not, there’s a lot more places than you think. 

Which is why we’ve compiled a list of 8 places you can take your limousine or party bus rental to get your creative juices running. As long you have an open mind, you can realistically take your rentals almost anywhere you want. So here’s some ideas!


Going to a winery is a popular activity that is suitable for any occasion. And when we say any, we mean any. It could be on a random Wednesday, for a bachelorette party, a date, birthday and more. Anyone with an appreciation for wine is surely going to love going to a winery.

Most people are used to driving separately. Which means, there’s more drivers, more cars, and everyone doesn’t get to be together until everyone arrives. With a limousine or party bus, you eliminate all of that. 

And what you gain in return are invaluable memories with your friends and loved ones. That’s just the on the way there, not accounting for once you actually get to the winery where you can then enjoy a tour or wine tasting paired with food or chocolate.

 And let’s not hide it. While wineries suggest to spit the wine out…

That’s just a waste of good wine. And you don’t want anyone driving home with alcohol in their system, which is where having a chauffeur comes in handy. 

So we highly suggest a winery as a destination for your rental.


Believe it or not, but not everyone is a wine person! But that’s okay because there’s other options like breweries. If you prefer the feel of a nice cold beer in your hands, going to a brewery would be the way to go. 

It’s a great place to spend your evening with friends or family. Learn about the brewing process, where the beer is made, and really whatever other fun bits the staff will tell you. 

Get behind the scenes with a beer tour. 

Similar to our winery suggestion, you get to be with everybody before you even get there, which adds more fun and enjoyment to your experience. 

And you’ll get to keep everyone safe, so while you drink there’ll be someone to drive you home.

Night Club 

Come on! If you are going out to a nightclub in a limousine or a party bus, you are guaranteed to have a night you will forever remember.

There’s probably more reasons than we can list as to why a limousine or a party bus would be the perfect way to arrive at a nightclub. But for the most part, you are essentially taking out all of the hard parts of having a night out. 

There is no need to waste good partying time by waiting in traffic. You’ll have all the music, lights, and space you’ll need. Let’s also not forget that cups and water are provided. 

While you’re still on the road, you can open up any bottle you choose to bring and get the night started early

You know what it basically is? It’s like a nightclub on the go. 

So instead of waiting who knows how long to be sitting cramped up in the back of a ride-share, your rental will be there waiting for you. Which is even better to know if you plan on going to multiple clubs or bars. No need to spend extra money and wait time because your driver will be there ready for you.

Which is more time you can spend having fun and getting where you want to go faster. 

And when the night is over, your driver takes you home. So there will be no unsafe driving


Whether a restaurant is your only stop or simply one of many, it’s always great to get the vibes going in a party bus or limousine first. It’s also perfect for any occasion! 

And you know what makes this option even better? It’s family friendly! So if you want to bring your kids along or even want to make your reservation about them, this is a great option to do!

It’d be something new and interesting for your family and if you want your kids to burn out some energy before getting to the restaurant…

Let’s just say this destination is probably looking better and better.

Your kids could sing and dance and instead of driving, you could join them! That way the drive will be safe and fun! A perfect option for a birthday, graduation, or any other milestone!

And what better way to spend your evening than surrounded by those you love?

If you don’t have kids or want a limousine or party bus for yourself…

No worries! You can still have a date night, girls’ night, or just an evening for you and your friends! Whatever occasion you want, a restaurant is still a great place to take your rental.  


Some days really aren’t the party kind of days. Which is okay! We should all try to squeeze a self-care day into our lives. And while we have no doubt that it’ll be well deserved

It should be a self-care DAY, not self-care hour! 

Every moment counts. Which is why it won’t hurt to go the extra mile to pamper yourself. Use your limousine or party bus reservation to take you to brunch and the spa afterwards. 

Let the stresses of life melt off your shoulder. No worries, no cares, no responsibility

A chauffeur will worry about getting you to your appointments on time, being stuck in traffic, and parking. 

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your playlist. Use your reservation to give you the time and space to enjoy yourself and let someone else do the worrying.

Photo Tour

Now this may seem like a little out of the box but if you’re looking for something to do, don’t knock it ‘till you try it!

But you can reserve a limousine or party bus for hours and within that time you can make as many stops as you’d like! So let’s say you’re visiting a new city or even want to explore your own, you can take your rental to explore around and take pictures! 

If you’re photo loving people, you can take pictures for your Instagram, Facebook, or whatever social media you use. For fun or for your hobby, you can take pictures of nature, of the city, of people. 

It’d be a great way to get to know the city you’re in as well as to make some memories that you can keep forever. Make a scrapbook of your day and always have something fond to look back on. 

While at first you may be thinking this is such a weird idea, but get a little creative and you can make a fantastic day out of this. 

Consider turning this into a scavenger hunt! A chauffeur can take you just about anywhere!


If you don’t live close to the beach, having a party bus or limousine would make traveling a breeze. 

It’s pretty standard to get up early to get to the beach as soon as you can, especially with a longer drive. So if you really wanted to, you could use the comfort and extra space to get a nice nap in. You’ll have all the energy you need to get your beach day started. 

Or you can use it as an opportunity to focus on spending the time with your family or friends! It’s your vacation, which means it’s valuable time to bond with your loved ones. If you’re driving and cramped…

That may not exactly create the mood you’re looking for to have a good time. 

With all the extra room and amenities, you could turn that long drive into something fun. Especially because the beach is something to look forward to! It’s something that should bring you excitement.

So play the music loud, stay hydrated on a hot day with complimentary water, and take advantage of the extra space.

It’s your trip, so make the most of it!

Tourist Spots

Like we’ve said before, you can rent a limousine or a party bus for hours. Within that time frame, you can go anywhere you want with as many stops as you’d like.

So if you want to explore the city or even go to some tourist spots outside of the city, make the traveling part fun too.

Then you can visit all of the hot spots and with a planned itinerary you can be sure to get everywhere on time. That way you don’t have to miss out on anything you planned.

Better yet, everyone could get to enjoy the sights on the way and take some pictures if they’d like!

When traveling the driving isn’t always the best part and sometimes can get a little exhausting, which is why with a party bus or limousine, you can use your rental to make it more of an experience.

That’s what it is there for. To make every moment of your day something fun and exciting.

So if you want to explore, this would be a great way to use your rental!

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