7 Ideas For Your Bachelorette Party

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March 2, 2021

Every bride dreams of their wedding and their bachelorette party. It’s one of those moments in life that you can hardly wait for it to happen. For everyone, though, the experience is different. Especially in terms of planning.

Some brides have every tiny little detail planned out while some only have a general idea. But for most…

They hand off the planning to the Maid of Honor. And truly, what an honor it is! Until you’re stressing out because you want to plan the most PERFECT bachelorette party for your BFF and now you have to come up with ways to make that happen. 

It can get pretty stressful, pretty fast. 

So here’s what you gotta do first! Because you don’t want to waste any time, energy, or money….you want to make sure to ASK the bride for her thoughts. What would some activities that would interest her?

Don’t go into planning without getting some general idea of what she wants unless you can with 100% honesty say that you know her like the back of your hand and know exactly what she wants. 

This is still a day about her, so she should enjoy whatever you plan!

After you’ve done that, you can now get into the nitty gritty of planning. But if you’re here, that also means you want to explore your options or don’t have a clue what to do. 

No matter which, there’s plenty of options out there. While over the years, somehow the standard has become going to the strip club and things getting crazy, that’s not all there is to do. 

And if you’re looking to stray away from that–we don’t blame you.

Which is why we’ve compiled 8 ideas perfect for a bachelorette party!

Belly Dancing

There are a TON of classes out there you can do. Just take a quick glance through Groupon and you’ll probably find more than a few. 

But we love this idea in particular because it’s a super fun idea that somehow people always forget! But there’s so much you could get out of this activity. 

For one, you will most definitely NOT be sitting still in one place. Belly dancing is an exciting way to get some exercise in, sweat a little, all while learning a new way to move your body! Some even say it helps with self confidence and a little more of that never hurt nobody!

And while you’re at it, you can learn a little about the art of Middle-East dance.

Remember how we talked about renting a limousine or party bus? Well pair this class up with a rental and you’ll definitely have a time to remember. With all the singing and dancing before you’ve gotten to the class…

Everyone’s muscles will be loosened up and ready to get to belly dancing. Maybe you’ll even find yourself catching onto belly dancing faster than you’d expect!

Learn to move effortlessly and confidently, something that could always come in handy for the next time you go out dancing!

Pole Dancing

Another activity that involves a lot of movement is pole dancing! There are plenty of classes that offer to do bachelorette parties, so who knows? Maybe you’ll get a deal on bringing a bunch of your girlfriends to a class.

And if you’re planning a bachelorette party for a bride that loves fitness and exercise, this could also be a great option. 

Alternatively, there are actually pole fitness classes! So if you want the bachelorette party to be about getting a workout in while having some fun, pole fitness mixes dancing and exercise in one fun little bundle. 

And instead of leaving hung over, you’ll be leaving flirty and feeling great. 

Some places even let you play your own playlist! So get your dance on and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures and videos so you can look back fondly on everyone trying something new and fun!

You might even get a few good laughs out of it!

Wine Tour

Let’s be honest…

What bride doesn’t enjoy wine? 

None are coming to mind, so with a winery tour there is little room for something to go wrong. And since every winery is different, whether you’ve done a tour before or not, each is unique with their own special history and way of making wine. 

It’s an activity that doesn’t get old quick. 

With such a beautiful landscape, a vineyard makes for a great place to spend your evening. So while you’re enjoying a nice, relaxing walk, you can also learn a thing or two about wine! 

Many vineyards teach you some helpful tips so you can potentially walk out of that tour a wine pro. Learn what to look for in a quality wine, so the next time you fill your shelves, it’s only filled with delicious wine. 

You can also learn about the many aromas and flavors that wine tasting has to offer.

Afterwards, since you’re there, you might as well buy a few bottles to go and have a picnic…

Or just have a mini party afterwards on your way home in a party bus. Whichever works for you really.

Brewery Tour

Alternatively since, big shocker, not everyone is a wine person you can do a brewery tour! Yeah beer people exist too, but it’s okay because this would be perfect for those who love the feel of a nice, cold beer in their hands. 

We love this option because these can be a little more low-key. With low costs, this option would definitely be low maintenance for the whole group.

We also suggest checking out what else the brewery also has to offer! You could possibly do a cider tour or see if you can learn more about their distillery. 

Sometimes it can seem like most people talk about a wine tour, but a brewery tour shouldn’t be forgotten! 

Some places offer beer and food tastings, so you can get a quick bite in while sipping some delicious beer or whiskey. 

All the while, you can learn some interesting facts about the brewing process, the history of the manufacturer, and whatever other fun tidbits the staff will let you in on. Maybe the next time you go out, you’ll have some fun facts for your party guests!

Let’s not also forget this could be an awesome place to take some photos!

Bar Hopping

We’re all used to the bachelorette party being a night of drinking and partying. So if you want to do something a little different but still stay in the partying spirit, this could be a fun alternative. 

Since this could get a little pricey, we’d suggest pre-gaming at home first to save a few shots off your bill. You’ll thank us later for this. 

But pair this with a party bus or limousine and you’ll certainly have a night to remember! (If you remember much the next morning…)

What makes bar hopping with a rental a power combo is that you’ll save a ton by not having to call any Ubers and instead of waiting…

You’ll literally be able to continue your party while heading to the next bar. 

There’s no need to take a break. But if you want to take a breather, might as well do it in the comfort of a party bus filled with your friends and comfy leather seats. 

So more of your night can be spent enjoying time with your BFF and celebrating her bachelorette party.


If you want the bachelorette party to be a little more on the creative side rather than be entirely about partying, there are still plenty of options. Find any kind of painting class (because there’s even variety in painting!) and take a nice evening to relax and let your creative juices flow. 

If maybe you want to blend creativity with a little alcohol, because who could blame you really, then there are tons of painting and sips classes.

Maybe a bachelorette party would be a good time to see what you and your friends will create with a glass (or two) of wine in their system. 

What’s fun about this is that everyone can chat and let loose. You’ll probably want to be in comfy clothes, which is always nice, since you won’t want to get any paint on your clothes. (Especially if you’ve been drinking.)

And as an added bonus, you’ll all get to go home and take whatever you created with you. So you have something you can always look back on to remember the day you all spent together


If you want to stay on that creative train, we also suggest going to a pottery class! Not only will you get to have some fun creating something, but you could also brush up on a new skill! 

With specialized materials, not many people create their own pottery, so this could be a fresh take on something artsy and creative for everyone. 

Again, you may also want to dress comfy for this so you don’t get any clay or paint on your clothes. So you can sit back, relax in some sweats or t-shirt and let your hands get dirty. 

Some places will even provide food or drinks or have BYOB as an option. So if that sounds appealing, do some research into what some pottery classes have to offer. 

Best of all…

You get to keep what you make. So this is another option that whatever you create while hanging out with your gals, you can always keep and have something to remember the day by. 

Along with all the pictures you’ll be taking, of course!


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