Delaware Limo’s Inauguration Transportation Solution In 2021

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October 10, 2022


In 2021, Delaware Limo was sought out to be the main coordinator of transportation for the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. As one of, if not the, largest events in the United States with very strict security, there are a lot of logistics involved. But unlike any other year, we had to adhere to specific health protocols due to the pandemic among the many demands the inauguration transportation requires. 

Despite the challenges we faced, we safely transported over 1,000 people over the course of the week––before and after the event. And we successfully managed to supply the event with a range of transportation including motor coaches, mini-buses, shuttle vans, sedans, and SUVs.

Why The Presidential Inaugural Committee Chose Delaware Limo 

Delaware Limo was the first company the committee reached out to as a transportation provider. Not only were we recommended by the campaign travel office, but we had also already been providing transportation services for Joe Biden’s campaign leading up to the inauguration. This demonstrated our ability to provide transportation for high-profile events that required versatility, the ability to maintain constant communication, and the ability to handle last-minute changes.

The Challenges Faced As A Transportation Provider

With such a large-scale event, the main challenge was to find the supply of vehicles needed for over 1,000 people before, during, and after the event. Then, there would need to be a team to execute and manage the entire process from beginning to end. 

Our responsibilities included having to vet every single driver and ensure they were cleared through the secret service. And because the inauguration took place during the pandemic, all drivers had to be tested for COVID-19 every 24 hours to ensure the safety of passengers. One particular challenge we faced was the constant changes that occurred throughout the week, such as vehicle requirement, driver, routing, and requirement changes. 

Because the National Guard and secret service set up a perimeter around Capitol Hill, most roads were blocked and the only way in was through certain checkpoints. Once inside, routes were limited due to the blockade. This created a continuous challenge for Delaware Limo because the routes were changed daily for security purposes. Thus, we had to survey routing each day to find the best routes that would get our passengers to their destinations on time. 

How Delaware Limo Responded 

Our objective was to continue delivering great service to our clients and all inaugural guests without any errors. We maintained a constant line of communication 24/7 throughout the event and adapted quickly to changing needs without fail. To do this, we were in touch constantly with the organizers as a central point of communication to answer all last-minute needs. 

For example, at one point, we had to find and book an additional 10 motor coaches (which fit up to 55 passengers) last minute. We also had to increase the number of vehicles by 30 vehicles to accommodate last-minute transportation for talent, staff, and volunteers.

The Results

As a result of our work, we managed to provide transportation for all the family, staff, volunteers, and talent of the 2021 inauguration successfully. Delaware Limo successfully completed over 250 separate reservations over the course of one week, which in total was transporting over 1,000 people. The vehicles that we procured and services that we handled included motor coaches, mini-buses for staff and talent, shuttle vans for employees, and transfers for all guests. 

In total, Delaware Limo managed over 2,000 hours of service for the 2021 presidential inauguration.  


The presidential inauguration is one of the largest national events in the United States with little room for error. Despite strict regulations and frequent last-minute changes, Delaware Limo has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to handle complex reservations with multiple moving parts and requires constant communication. Because transportation is an integral part of any large-scale event’s success, understanding how your transportation provider has managed large-scale events is key.

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