The “All-In-One” Motorcade Transportation Solution Delaware Limo Provided

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October 10, 2022


Since 2021, Delaware Limo has provided transportation solutions for the President and Vice-President of the United States (POTUS and VPOTUS). We have helped organize the travel for motorcades and events that take place both locally and nationally. No matter the obstacles or last-minute changes that arise, and there are plenty, Delaware Limo has sourced transportation from our fleet and affiliates to ensure the reservation goes off without a hitch. 

The Challenges The Client Faced Finding A Transportation Provider

Before contacting Delaware Limo, the committee in charge of arranging transportation for the motorcade and events had issues finding a reliable partner that could handle a range of tasks, including:

  • Supplying vehicles 
  • Vetting drivers 
  • Testing drivers for COVID-19 
  • Handling last-minute reservations
  • Maintaining constant communication with the point of contact
  • Being reliable for every reservation

Why Delaware Limo Was Chosen By The Committee

It was a challenge to find a reliable transportation provider that could consistently meet the demands of arranging transportation for the POTUS and VPOTUS. But Delaware Limo stood out for not only our ability to meet those demands but also for being able to deliver services on short notice, even if there were difficult logistical requirements. 

For example, we may be asked to ensure there are no complications with vehicle height, weight, and size restrictions depending on the location they’re reserved for. And we’re often tested on our resourcefulness when we’re asked to reserve large vehicles last-minute in peak season or with large-scale events nearby that have resulted in limited vehicle availability.

How Delaware Limo Responded 

Since Delaware Limo prides itself on providing excellent service, we naturally go above and beyond for all our customers––whether you’re the president or not. Our goal here was to provide perfect service every time and display our ability to handle high-profile client reservations with many moving parts. 

We’ve managed to ensure the safety of all passengers by ensuring all drivers are COVID-19 tested within 24 hours of every trip and vetting every driver according to secret service clearance. With dozens of trips completed for POTUS and VPOTUS, we have been able to provide services in over 27 states with a 100% success rate.  


Handling large-scale events with high-profile clients can be a challenge. If there are many moving parts or last-minute changes, you’ll need a reliable transportation provider who is dedicated to meeting your needs. Delaware Limo has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to handle complex reservations that require consistent communication. 

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