Delaware Limo Awarded As 5th Fastest-Growing Company By Philadelphia100
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November 18, 2022
On October 13, 2022, Delaware Limo was announced as the 5th fastest-growing company by Philadelphia100. This merit-based program is considered one of the most sought awards in the region due to the integrity of the process and resulting list. 

Among 100 winners and many more applicants, to land in the top five was unexpected by co-founders Allen Yang and Elorm Ahiamadjie but was certainly welcomed with excitement. As a small business, this comes as a big honor but highlights just one of many achievements that Delaware Limo is looking to forge. 

The Philadelphia100 held its 2022 annual awards ceremony at Live Casino where winners alongside family and friends gathered to celebrate and witness the live announcement of recipients. The event also featured a fireside chat with Dollar Shave Club co-founder, Michael Dubin and Mark Iorio, host of RVN TV. 

This award comes on the heels of Delaware Limo facing the pandemic in 2020, hardly a year into business, that ceased nearly all operations. Globally, the limousine service market was hurting deeply, with revenue dropping from $83 billion in 2019 to $46.3 billion in 2020. 

Now, after just four years in business, Delaware Limo has managed to get through difficult, unprecedented challenges and thrive. Growing rapidly and earning a place in the top five winners, Delaware Limo has seen 1,500% revenue growth from 2019 to 2021 and continues to expand. Not only has their team grown, but their vehicle fleet has increased from just four vehicles in January 2020 to fifteen vehicles as of today. 

But this achievement wasn’t accomplished alone. 

“Our growth is a testament to the dedication and passion that our drivers and staff have to provide our clients with the best version of ourselves possible,” said Elorm Ahiamdjie, CEO and co-founder of Delaware Limo. 

“We also would not be able to achieve any growth without our clients trusting in us to deliver for them and doing so again and again. It’s more than just a business providing a service, it’s people being there for each other and I’m grateful to be a part of that.”

Deemed Delaware’s highest-rated limousine company, Delaware Limo has achieved a not-so-simple feat. Boasting over 420 five-star reviews, their reputation continues to be built on the foundation of quality service. But this attests to Ahiamdjie’s statement… 

Delaware Limo’s honor to be the 5th fastest-growing company by Philadelphia100 is a culmination of their team’s dedication and the client relationships that have been built. 

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