8 Fun Ideas For Your Limousine Or Party Bus Rental
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April 29, 2021

Even if you were on a drive to nowhere, as long as you’re driving around in a limousine or party bus, we’re pretty confident you’d have a good time regardless. But realistically, you’ll probably want to have a destination in mind. If you’re set on booking a rental but haven’t quite thought about where to go or what fun activities would best pair with one of these vehicles, we can help you start brainstorming. 

But first, let’s say you’ve never rented one before. It can be difficult to know what to expect during the planning process. After all, it’s not simply a ride you’re getting but an experience. So let’s first talk about what even comes with a limousine or party bus. 


Suitable for all kinds of events, limousines tend to be great for medium size groups. Rather than splitting everyone between multiple cars, you can gather all your friends together. The standard limo fits anywhere between 9-12 passengers. And with wrap-around seating, the journey becomes a lot more enjoyable and personable. 

You can typically expect special features and amenities that you won’t get in just any car. Most limousine companies offer complimentary water, glasses, and sometimes soda. The vehicle usually has LED lights that range in styles depending on the vehicle’s model and have amazing sound systems (so definitely prep a playlist beforehand).

Party Bus

Similar to limousines, party buses are just a bigger version capable of holding more people. If you have a large group or would simply prefer more space, party buses are a great option. The interior is very similar to limousines as they’ll both have wrap-around seating, flashing LED lights, and amazing speakers. 

One thing to note is that because party buses are larger, you’ll have more overhead room that makes standing (and dancing) easier. And like limos, you can also expect complimentary cold water and glasses.  

Now that we’ve gone through the features of each vehicle, let’s get into the eight activities that would be perfect for your limousine or party bus rental.

8 Fun Ideas For Your Limousine Or Party Bus Rental

Winery Tour

Going on a winery tour is a popular activity and a must-do activity because it’s perfect for every occasion. What else can beat a day of tasting delicious wine? Nothing, if you ask us! Your tour could be for a bachelorette party, a birthday, or just a girl’s day out. Anyone with an appreciation for wine (or wine glass with a funny pun) is surely going to love a wine tour. 

While many might think to drive separately, meaning more designated drivers and more cars, everyone’s separated until you arrive. With a limousine or party bus, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Everyone can let loose and have a secure, and safe, way home. 

Because let’s face it… although wineries may suggest spitting the wine into the spit bucket, we both know you probably won’t. So we highly recommend a winery as a destination for your rental.


We know it might be hard to believe but not everyone is a wine person. In case you have someone in your group that doesn’t fancy wine, there’s an alternative worth considering! You and your friends will love a brewery tour if you’re the type to enjoy a nice, cold beer in your hands. 

Depending on the tour, you can visit various breweries, learn about the brewing process, and can even sample different types of beer. You may even learn some fun interesting tidbits about the brews and their history. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new flavor of beer you can’t live without! 

Like we said before, keeping everyone together when you arrive and leave makes for a fun experience you won’t get by splitting between cars. And because this activity involves alcohol as well, using your limousine or party bus as a guaranteed safe way home relieves the pressure of assigning designated drivers.

8 Fun Ideas For Your Limousine Or Party Bus Rental


It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t suggest a nightclub since that’s kind of what limos and party buses were made for. And nightclubs are a popular go-to for a reason. The vehicle is an easy and effective way to get the party started early. The list can go on forever as to why a limousine and party bus are ideal, but it mostly comes down to taking out the most difficult parts of partying.  

For starters, you don’t need to waste any time waiting in traffic. You’ll have all the music, lights, and space you’d need. Even though we cannot provide alcohol, because you can bring your own, you can still use the cups and water provided. 

Imagine not waiting for a cramped ride-share. Or having it waiting for you at the end of the night. If you want to go to multiple bars and clubs, that can be arranged as well. All in all, that’s more time spent having fun and getting where you want faster with ease. When the night is over, your driver takes you home. So there will be no unsafe driving.


What’s perfect about this option is that this can be your final destination or a stop along the way. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, or any milestone, a limousine or party bus is the perfect way to arrive in style. Or if you simply want to have a special night out with friends and tasty food. 

We know these vehicles have a reputation for being used for adults, but they’re also quite family-friendly. Feel free to bring your kids along and let them enjoy this unique experience–that they can then brag about to their friends. And in case you’re a parent looking into this as an option, it could be a handy way to burn some of their energy before getting to the restaurant. 

But let’s say you don’t have kids and want the limousine for yourself. We get it! Use it for a date night instead. Or grab your friends and call it a girls night. No matter what, we’re sure one of these vehicles would be great to take to a restaurant.


Not the partying type? All good! Get a self-care day in for you and your friends. And no doubt, it’ll be well-deserved. Let’s not forget it’s supposed to be a self-care day, not an hour. So make use of every moment to go the extra mile to pamper yourself. Use your limousine or party bus reservation to take you to brunch and hit up the spa afterward. 

Let the stresses of life melt off your shoulder. No worries, no cares, no responsibility. Leave the worrying to your chauffeur. They can get you to your appointment and deal with the traffic. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with friends. 

A spa is a perfect use for your reservation. A limo and party bus are for creating fun memories, and there’s no better way to do that than going to a spa with your loved ones. 

8 Fun Ideas For Your Limousine Or Party Bus Rental

Photo Tour

Now, this may seem like a little out of the box, but if you’re looking for something to do, don’t knock it ‘till you try it! Since you can reserve a limousine or party bus for hours and use that time however you’d like, why not go on a photo tour? Find a few photo-worthy locations, put on some fancy outfits, and make a photo shoot out of it. This activity can be particularly fun if you’re in a new city or even want to explore your own. 

If you’re a photo-loving person, you can take pictures for your Instagram, Facebook, or whatever social media you use. Or you can turn this activity into a competition. See who gets the best photos of a specific subject like nature or the city. Consider turning this into a scavenger hunt! And once the day is over, make a scrapbook containing your photos to commemorate the day.

Like we said, a photo tour is a bit out of the box, but get a little creative, and you can make a fantastic day out of this.


Depending on where you live, having a limousine or party bus can make traveling to the beach a breeze. Especially if you don’t live very close to one. If you’re like most, getting up early to leave is pretty standard. Why not use that drive time with extra space and comfort to squeeze in a nap? With plenty of energy, we’re sure it’ll make the beach experience much more enjoyable. 

Or you can use it as an opportunity to focus on spending time with your family and friends! Grab a card game and use the drive time to bond with your loved ones. Things in a car can get pretty cramped and tiring, so a limo or party bus is sure to relieve some of that stress. Just don’t forget to use the amenities that these vehicles offer. Prep a playlist ahead of time and stay hydrated with the complimentary waters. 

Tourist Spots

Since your reservation will be for a few hours, we recommend exploring a nearby city or staying local to explore your own. Most areas have a few attractions that are worth checking out if you haven’t already. See if there are any museums or markets that you haven’t visited yet. 

Or you can find historical restaurants and make a food tour out of them. Explore each one and snap some photos on the way. Depending on the area you’re visiting, see if there are any high points where you can get a bird’s eye view of the city. There’s nothing quite like seeing a city from above. 

Check out Facebook or Google for any nearby events that might interest you. The world is your oyster and conveniently, a limo and party bus are the perfect way to guide you around. If you like exploring, make sure to consider touring a city with your vehicle rental. 

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